We’re BACK!

Thanks to all of the 10,000+ Dekalb County citizens who voted for this Dekalb Commissioner District 7 Campaign back in 2016. We appreciate your support and will continue to fight for better contact, access and for the same platform issues we fought for back then that’s still relevant today as we speak in 2018.

There’s still work to be done.

As a DeKalb County resident for over 16 years, the story hasn’t changed much. We ran our 2016 campaign based on fighting crime, improving our infrastructure and bringing viable businesses to DeKalb County. Today, these same issues are pertinent to improving our county.

My motivation for running again stems for my unwavering belief in executing a real agenda on behalf of the citizens of DeKalb. We still lack real CONTACT and ACCESS to the DeKalb County political apparatus to make meaningful IMPACT.

The many lessons taught to me during my matriculation at Morehouse College deepened my resolve to give back to this community. I have a proven 25-year track record in corporate America utilizing the MBA earned at Kennesaw State University. My current corporate leadership position as a regional manager has allowed me to spot trends from listening to the needs of our customers and building better business plans, working with my direct reports to maximize efficiencies while maintaining fiscal discipline to corporate budget parameters.

Dekalb is ready for REAL & RELIABLE REPRESENTATION. As your next District 7 DeKalb County Commissioner, John E. Tolbert Jr. will fight for the same platform issues we ran upon in 2016 :

  1. Lower Our Existing Crime Rates
  2. Improve Our Aging Infrastructure
  3. Attract New Businesses/Industries, promoting consistent job growth
  4. Work with the DeKalb Board of Education to Improve Test Scores
  5. Provide the Ethical Leadership required for the privilege to serve you

We’re fighting for real CONTACT and ACCESS to make a meaning IMPACT to our county. Vote for a new era in DeKalb County politics on Tuesday May 22, 2018….elect John E. Tolbert Jr. as your District 7 County Commissioner.

John Tolbert Jr’s Report Card